Latvian Mitten from the Vidzeme region

A World of Hockey Knitting Comes to Halifax.

For a week now, Halifax has been co-hosting (with Quebec City) the IIHF World Hockey Championships. The streets are buzzing with jersey-clad Swedes, Norweigians, Latvians, Finns, Russians, Belarussians, Germans, Americans and Canadians, tooting, hooting and singing in support of their teams. But knitters know that these countries share a love of something even more important than long winters and puck-chasing, and that, of course is KNITTING! I’ve compiled this list of inspiring links relating to the knitting traditions of some of the IIHF participants:




  • What’s Finland knitting? Explore hundreds of Finnish knit blogs here
  • Blogger Ketutar’s charts for traditional Finnish colour patterns

The String or Nothing blog has a great page of Russian knitting and crochet links.



  • A free downloadable PDF guide to designing Norwegian Ski Sweaters from Interweave Knits
  • Vinter Lue, a free pattern for a traditional winter earflap hat by Theresa Vinson Stenerson on Knitty
  • A story from the New York Times archive on Norwegian knitting traditions