We’ve been overwhelmed by the contributions people have made to our North Atlantic seafloor display. Thank you to everyone who contributed a lobster, a squid, a fish, a jellyfish, a coral, or any of the many many creatures gracing our front window.

Friday (yesterday), Sadie from the Ecology Action Centre took a number of the items from the display down to the Halifax waterfront to use as part of the EAC’s World Ocean Day exhibit. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and many organizations had booths set up on the waterfront.

The knitted and crocheted creatures were a great hit. Now they are all back in The Loop’s window and will be for the rest of the month, so please drop by to see our ecosystem if you haven’t yet!

The next public display of knitting here in town will be happening next week, on Saturday June 14th. World-wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP) has rolled around again, and some of the most ardent knitters in Halifax have been organizing some exciting activities. You can meet them on the lawn of the Spring Garden Memorial Library, just a block and a half up the hill from The Loop. The plan is to gather there at 2 p.m., but for some reason I wouldn’t be surprised if people start arriving earlier than that. You can find more details on the official Halifax WWKIP Day blog.

The Loop is one of the sponsors of the event and we’ve put together a few goodies for raffle prizes and random giveaways. Our close neighbour Ciboulette Cafe will also be open, offering special goodies for WWKIPers.

See you in the Saturday sunshine!