I am a devoted thrift shopper. I love searching for treasures in racks and piles of second hand stuff, and, overall, I’ve had some pretty good luck. Over the years I’ve turned up lots of great clothes (a 1970s silk evening jacket by Courrèges remains my proudest discovery), dishes (I have a weakness for Kathy Winkle) and linens (I buy every 100% cotton sheet I find in good condition).

On the other hand, when it comes to turning up cool vintage craft supplies, my luck has been lousy. Sure, once in a while, I find a ball of half-decent yarn (always bagged with loads of nasty acrylic or surplus rug yarn), or a half-completed hooked owl wall hanging, but I’m rarely moved to take these home with me. And I’m sure I’ll never use most of the vintage sewing patterns in my collection.

Then, Monday happened. A few moments in the craft supplies section of the Dartmouth Value Village yielded this collection of amusing and useful objects:

vintage craft supplies haul