Lots of people associate knitting with the winter months and hibernation, but I love to knit in summer. There’s something about knitting on the road (or on the dock, or in the boat, or in a sun-dappled corner of the backyard) that compounds the joys of warm weather. Granted, not all knitting works under these conditions–I’ll gladly save the woolly sweaters for winter–but some projects and yarns are perfect: socks, light scarves, lace shawls, anything in linen, bamboo, silk.

knitting with a view

Here, a shrug-in-progress (a tatoo cover, really, for my friend Amanda to wear a wedding), enjoys the view from the dock of my parents’ cottage in the Kawartha Highlands, in Ontario.

I had to finish the shrug by the time I got back to Halifax, since Amanda would be flying out to B.C. the next day. I made it just under the wire. I was weaving in ends on the return flight. For the record, I had no trouble getting my large aluminum Chibi needle onto the plane, but I didn’t attempt to bring my scissors. I kept track of which ends had been woven in by tying a knot in the end of each as I completed it.

Earlier in the summer, my husband and I visited Cape Breton. At the Co-Op store in Neil’s Harbour we witnessed this novel use of a display. Clearly, the locals are more interested in knitting than snacking!