The shopping frenzy is about to wind down, and now it’s all about relaxing with your loved ones and your favourite crafts. We’ll be closing early on December 24th, in case you need to send any of your elves our way. felted-fire

Then the Loop will be closed for Christmas and Boxing Day, reopening on Saturday December 27th for a Post-Boxing Day Sale. After you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey and home-baked treats, toddle on down to check out our specials on yarn, patterns and accessories.

In the new year, we have lots of ways to keep you and your friends busy by expanding your knitting and language skills. Watch for announcements about upcoming knit & chat sessions in French and Spanish.

We’ve added some beginner and refresher knitting classes to our Workshops listing, and in early January we will be adding more winter classes.

And of course there’s always Loop Group. Starting again on January 8th, join us for our regular Thursday evening (6-9 p.m.) gathering of knitters & crafters. Everyone is welcome, beginner level on up.

Have a wonderful holiday, hope to see you soon.


Mimi and Cathy
The Loop