Cotswold sheep (image, wikipedia)

The other day, a new local yarn arrived in the store, brought by the very farmer who raised the sheep. This lovely Cotswold was lovingly raised near New Germany, on the beautiful south shore, at Lange’s Rock Farm. It has the high lanolin content that is characteristic of traditional Maritime yarns, but a softer feel that will soften even more as the garments are washed and worn. In two natural colours–a heathered brown and a natural cream–this medium-weight 2-ply is a perfect choice for traditional “fisherman” knits, outdoor sweaters and weatherproof hats and mitts.

The Langes’ homegrown fibre joins our growing range of locally-produced fibres. Another recent shipment, from Noah’s Place Farm, includes an assortment of mohair-wool blends–more great yarns processed by the Tonning sisters at Legacy Lane Fibre Mill.